International Commission on Polar Meteorology

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Past ICPM-Business or Polar Science Meetings

(The Commission meets at least every two years at IAMAS or IUGG Assemblies.)


June 24, 2015 : biannual meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.

Minutes (pdf) - Picture

July 10, 2013 : biannual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Minutes (pdf)

July 12, 2012 : ICPM sponsored the Workshop on the Atmospheric Model Parameterizations in the Polar regions in Boulder, USA

June 9, 2011 : biannual meeting in Melbourne, Australia.

Minutes (pdf)

July 15-16, 2010: ICPM sponsored International Workshop on Antarctic Clouds at OSU/Byrd Polar Research Center, USA

July 22, 2009 : biannual meeting in Montreal, Canada.

Minutes (pdf)

December 3, 2007: High-latitude workshop in Seattle, USA.

Report (pdf).

July 6, 2007: biannual meeting in Perugia, Italy.

Minutes (pdf) - Picture

August 11, 2005: biannual meeting in Beijing, China.

Minutes (pdf)

July 13, 2001:biannual meeting in Innsbruck, Austria.

Minutes (pdf)